Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shoot me right in the head

I don't know what to say anymore except that I couldn't sleep lastnight , problems are everywhere and I'm facing lots of it right now . You never know but I myself know that I'm not strong enough . Okay I'm writing this for you , yes YOU. I knew that it is over between us , the friendship that we build . It is a different feeling for me , one that I never expected , but looking back , I suppose it couldn't ended another way . You and I were different . We came from different worlds , and yet you are the one who taught me the value of love . I love you for many things , especially your passions , for they have always been those things which are beautiful in life . You are my bestfriend and I don't know which side of you I enjoy the most . You have something inside you , something beautiful and strong . God is with you , I know . I see your tears and I worry more about you than I do about me , because I fear the pain I know you will go through . There are no words to express my sorrow for this , and I am at a loss for words . So I love you so deeply , that I will find a way to come back to you , to build our friendship again , despite my desease , I promise you that . And perhaps , just perhaps , we will find a way to be together again like we used to . Please don't be angry with me on the days I don't remember you , and we both know they will come . Know that I love you , that I always be will . I hope you will read this , and if you read and open this blog to read again , then believe what I am writing for you now . Wherever you are and whenever this is , I love you . I love you now as I write this , and I love you now as you read this . And I am so sorry if I am not able to tell you after this , anymore . Please take good care of yourself as I know you always do . YOU know who you are .
- Okay I know my english sucks , shatttaaappp !

* Aku benci menangis sorang-sorang

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